• Shameless Self Promotion

    Dear Readers,

    I recently entered the Ether i-pad 18-25 Competition for young writers. The prize is an i-pad, but more importantly, a publishing deal with Ether. I've left this rather late in the day, having realised quite early on that few of my friends actually have i-phones and i-pads to vote on. 

    I entered a poem which I wrote quite a while ago, having been to New York and discovered Ginsberg's "Howl". The poem is called "For Allen Ginsberg", and I think it's pretty good. I got some great feedback from audience members at the Utopian Arts Festival in London, where I gave one of my infrequent readings. 

    So, if you'd like to help me out, please download the Ether App (it's FREE), and find my poem (and rate it 5 stars!). All of this is free, and you can download the app by following this link:

    It's a great app if you enjoy reading...

    Oh, and if you would like to spread the word via twitter/facebook/friends, I would be very grateful. 

    Thank you!

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