• Novel Ideas #1 - To Plot or Not To Plot...

    I thought it might be interesting to do a series of blog posts on my experience of beginning to write a novel. Yes, you heard right. Having posted that rather despairing piece recently, questioning whether I could legitimately call myself a writer, I actually managed to sit down at my computer this weekend and write something creative.

    I decided yesterday, on a rainy afternoon, following a long, indulgent weekend, that I would see if I could attempt to engage with some of my old ideas. I opened up my laptop, took a glance at the many odd pieces in my 'Writing' folder, and clicked on the originally named 'Untitled Novel Number 2'.

    I should mention, that I have not actually written a 'novel number one', rather a novella for teen readers, which will likely never see the light of day. 'Untitled Novel Number 2' is the piece of writing I referred to in my earlier post; the one that I have a chapter by chapter plot plan for...

    Well, it turns out, that besides not being very enthralled by writing a piece of historical fiction (this means I'm too lazy!), I hate my self-imposed limitations. The very fact that I have a plot plan has been putting me off, making me feel too restricted. So... I opened a blank document and started writing, with absolutely no idea where it would go.

    Once I started, I found it quite difficult to stop, managing a hefty 2000 words on my first day of writing (long may it last).

    It felt fantastic.

    This is what I've been missing.

    Even when I stepped away from my laptop, having reached an appropriate place to pause, the creative cogs were still turning, and I went from having one very undeveloped character to having three central characters in mind. Not only that, but the character I had begun writing started telling me things about herself, and before I knew it, a story was developing.

    Now, this is very early days, obviously, and perhaps I'll bin the story tomorrow, and start something new, but I can't help feeling that this is different. For the duration of my time at work today, I've been desperate to start scrawling the next little scene that won't leave my head.

    So, wish me luck, and hold on to your hats. I'll be updating as regularly as I can on the ins and outs of writing a novel... or not writing one. We'll see how it goes.

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    1. Good luck Kate, my hat is well and truly hung onto to! xxx

    2. So many hats off to you, my dear! I'm in the must of writing my frat novel as well, have been writing it for 5 years. After taking on an MA, I finally have the courage to really go the mile, stop being afraid of bad writing, word counts, and rules. Many blessings to you in this!

      <3 Britta

      1. Oh, thank you Britta. I checked out your blog earlier today and was fascinated by this Armchair BEA. I had no idea it existed.

        Words of encouragement are always appreciated.