Monday, 31 December 2012

Perspective: A Little More Hope, A Little More Love

So it's New Year's Eve again; a night I have developed a deep loathing for over the years. I hate the obligation to go out, to get drunk, to be merry. But you only end up starting the new year with a hangover and regrets.... Seriously, does anybody like this night? I will be spending this night as I did last year; full of cold, relaxing at my parents' house before the trip back to Exeter tomorrow.

But I'm not always a horrible cynic (I'm trying really hard not to be here, given that I'm having trouble breathing through my nose, and my eyes have barely stopped watering all day). It occurs to me, through this haze of illness that there is much to be grateful for, not least of all the love and support I am shown by those I care about.

If nothing else, I am reassured that:  

There is a love that withstands hardships, understands mistakes, ill-turns, and ups and downs. There is a love that is honest, heartfelt, and entered into with open eyes, not romantic delusions. There is a love that goes beyond the excitement, the thrill of the 'in love', one that is honest, one that will hold true for as long as I live. There is a love that doesn't need external affirmation, vows, or promises. There is a love that doesn't ask for anyone to compromise their dreams. There is a love that believes, a love that hopes, a love that questions, only to be made more resilient. 

At this time in my life, I am fortunate to be surrounded by this kind of love, and its platonic partner. I hope you are too.

Happy New Year.


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