Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Perspective: Discovering Inner Turmoil

The week before last, I was forced to reconsider the easy judgments I make about people. In just one week, it turned out that two people I know who had been acting in a way which implied hostility and disregard, had in fact being going through their own health-related problems of the heart and head.

Suddenly, the catty asides which had come too easily over the weeks leading up to these discoveries seemed entirely unfair. These individuals were both under extreme pressure and stress related to overwork and anxiety about their own well being. 

It made me think, as it is good to do occasionally, about why I wasn't more sensitive to the inner turmoil of these two people. In fact, I know neither of them particularly well. Perhaps, had it been a close friend, I would have behaved differently, though I suppose by virtue of being friends, I would likely have known what was going on anyway. 

This all seemed so much worse considering the balancing act I have been maintaining over most of the year with an unwell partner, and my own health concerns to contend with in various forms. I rebuked myself, thinking I, of all people should appreciate the precarious balancing act these inner turmoils and the outer working life demands. 

Working relationships can sometimes be tricky. I'm extremely lucky in that I work with a small team of quite brilliant arts professionals who have taught me a tremendous amount. However, perhaps our offices (as our world generally) might be better off were we to be a little more caring, a little more tolerant. 


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