• Book Review: "Let Me Off at the Top: My Classy Life and Other Musings" by Ron Burgundy

    Lovers of the Anchorman films and the unique brand of humour brought to life through Ron, Champ, Brian, and Brick will likely enjoy this immensely*.

    Burgundy begins in his ever modest tone with a disclaimer:

    "You might as well chisel this baby in stone, because what you are holding is a perfect unchallengable chronicle or American history and personal narrative. You are welcome."

    This sets the mark for the rest of  the book; whilst reading I could almost hear Will Ferrell's voice in my head. Some of you may think I'm not the usual suspect for being a fan of Anchorman, and I would have agreed with you until a few years ago. When the film was first released I was still at school, an infrequent cinema-goer and loathe to even contemplate liking anything on trend. Particularly when that trend resulted in boys in my class making constant reference to the 'gun show' as they kissed their biceps...

    However, when I first deigned to watch Anchorman with Adam, I laughed like a drain. Brick might be my favourite character; Steve's Carrel's sincere portrayal of his unfailing stupidity solidifying it as an excellent comedy role in my eyes. But this is not a film review.

    I don't often read comedic books, which made this even more of a treat. With lovingly thought out chapter titles such as 'My Hair' and 'My Twelve Rules For Living Through A Prison Riot', it's hard not to find yourself chuckling away. The book has a loose narrative, chronicling Ron's journey to stardom as infant jazz flautist, his building of the legendary San Diego News Team, and his relationship with women. However, Burgundy is not afraid to go off book, sharing witty anecdotes about his night of lovemaking with Bruce Lee, and beginning his epic history of Mexico...

    As with most comedic books, there are moments which are weaker, though the nature of it is such that it's easy to dip in and out and still enjoy the experience. This is definitely one for fans of the film.

    Stay classy readers!

    *If you hate misogyny, stupidity, and violence there is a chance you won't enjoy reading this.

    Buy the book: Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings
    Buy for kindle: Let Me Off at the Top!: My Classy Life and Other Musings
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