• Recommendation: "The Victoria System" by Eric Reinhardt

    David Kolski had made a private vow never to sleep with the same woman twice, until he meets Victoria. Instantly, their desire for one another is powerful, frightening even. The pair soon become embroiled in a full blown affair; obsessive texts and e-mails, passionate nights in luxurious hotels, and a desire which continues to burn.

    As a high flier at a multinational corporation, Victoria has everything she could ever want, and her ideology is at odds with David’s more liberal views on the world. As they come to know more about one another, David struggles with his resentment towards Victoria’s role in the capitalist market. But after Victoria offers to help David professionally, their relationship takes a disturbing turn, testing the limits of sexual excess.

    Described as an erotic thriller, The Victoria System delivers a rare combination; intelligent erotica with a point. Reinhardt raises questions about the morality of capitalism versus the dangers of liberal excess, ultimately leading us to question how different they really are. This novel is proof that erotica doesn’t have to be trashy, as sex is woven into a story which is dark and satisfying.

    This piece was commissioned by Book Trust and first published here.

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