• Book Review: "Before I Go To Sleep" by S.J. Watson

    I realise I'm late to the party on this absolute page turner, but I had to spread the word about a book which I shot through in a matter of hours, it was so unputdownable.

    Christine wakes up one morning not knowing where she is. When it transpires that she is a married woman who has lost her memory after a severe brain injury she must try to come to terms with her life. The problem is, every morning she forgets what has happened to her. She struggles to piece together her past, unsure who to trust, certain that those around her are not being entirely honest.

    Another great premise for a novel, I think you'll agree. The story is told from Christine's point of view so the reader makes discoveries as she does. Watson's writing is compelling and his protagonist's voice is rich and complete. As a reader I felt I was going through each new trauma with Christine and it reminded me just how good a first person narrative can be.

    I feel I can't reveal much more in a review, but suffice to say the climax of the novel is brilliant and shocking. I was also delighted to find out that there is a film adaptation hitting cinemas this Autumn featuring Nicole Kidman in the main role. Here's a look at the trailer which is actually quite frightening!

    Buy the book: Before I Go To Sleep
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