Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Perspective: Year of Change

This time of year often makes us reflect on what has passed and what's been accomplished and what's still to come. Forgive a moment of self-indulgence...

2014 proved to be a year of change for me. It started with securing a visa for A back in February, a process which induced a lot of anxiety on my part and yet actually went off reasonably smoothly. Once that was done we set our sights on moving on from a place we had not settled into, trying to be patient yet longing to find somewhere we felt more at home.

Days at work were followed by a flurry of job applications, the hunt centred on London. There was a spreadsheet, friends offering advice, and several whistle-stop trips to the capital for interviews for positions in a major publishing house, a women's website, and a large charity. In the end, fourth time was the charm, a feat which is quite incredible considering how difficult the job market is, and I find myself in the grant-making business.

We were caught in a whirlwind then as we rushed to find somewhere to live within a month (!) and I attempted to hand over the many elements of my job to the person taking over. There were stresses as we tried to find the best places to live in the city which were affordable and not too far out. As it turns out, Gumtree was our saviour and we have a flat in Zone 4, very well-connected and incredibly close to everything we need.

I settled into my new job very quickly, enjoying the change and relishing the opportunity to learn more about grant making and the charitable sector in a supportive environment. I've been incredibly fortunate to have moved from one tight-knit team to another. As I step off the train at Victoria every morning and walk past Buckingham Palace, I know I made the right decision.

Since moving to London I've been thrilled at all that there is to do. While quiet days at the flat are still welcome after busy weeks, frequent theatre trips have become the norm and it's amazing to feel engaged with the world around me again. I've even been writing...

There have been ups and downs as in any year, but I'm glad things seem to be taking an upward turn and I hope 2015 continues in the same vein. Merry Christmas to everyone and all good wishes for the new year.


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