• The Culture Diary: La Soirée

     Bret Pfister
    Last week I lost my cabaret/circus show virginity on London's South Bank in an evening which left me awed, aroused, disgusted and weak from laughter. Yes, I think that is a compliment.

    Having never been to see a show such as this, I was uncertain what to expect. From the moment we entered the Spiegeltent, subject to the colourful lights and playful circus music, the spectacle began. Delivered with the kind of raw energy which is infections the cast of La Soirée know how to please their audience.

    Whether it was the dulcet tones of Frisky or the Freddie Mercury reincarnation/juggler/hula-hooper Mario, Queen of the Circus the show was full of great music, costumes and showmanship.

    Particular highlights for me included The English Gents whose incredible lifts and strength were only made better by their disrobing towards the end of the routine to reveal their incredibly muscular torsos...

    The pair appeared again later; Denis Lock wowing us with his incredibly bubble blowing skills, leaving the entire audience entranced and providing a rare moment of calm within the joyful mayhem of the show. As for Hamish McCann, let's just say his pole act left many of us a little hot and bothered...

    Both Bret Pfister and Yammel Rodriguez amazed respectively with their aerial routines, blending the elegance of dance with incredible strength and ability.

    There were many moments of humour and contortionist Captain Frodo had me in stitches as he attempted to fit his entire body through two tennis rackets. There were more than a few people watching with horror between their fingers, simultaneously repulsed and fascinated by the ways the human body could be manipulated.

    Perhaps the most divisive act was Asher Treleaven who had no qualms about making his audience squirm with his explicit and quite hilarious reading from Mills and Boon.

    So if you're seeking an evening sure to entertain, something to warm your cockles on a cold winter's night, the Olivier Award winning La Soirée is the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

    Many thanks to Theatrebloggers.co.uk for arranging a press ticket to this show.
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