Monday, 20 June 2016

Perspective ~ A Quiet Hysteria

There is a quiet hysteria in Britain at the moment, the likes of which I do not remember in my lifetime. A fear, both overt and insidious fuels a media campaign with its own agenda. This atmosphere is pervasive, inescapable. In a month in which an MP and a good person was shot on our streets, how can one fail to wonder how this language of opposition, this 'us and them' mentality, impacts us all? And that's not to mention the weak, the vulnerable and the unstable.

It feels like we're all holding our breath and waiting for Thursday and I must admit that no matter my feelings towards leaving the EU, should that prove the outcome, there will at least be the comfort of cessation when the polls close. An end at last to the bickering, to the political posturing and self interest which has fed both sides in the run up to the referendum.

Of course I hope we opt to remain as I fear the look of a Tory government outside the EU, and I could go into that but I'm so tired of it all that better this just be a comment on moving forward. I fervently wish this hasty election promise had not been made, though I suppose if we were in any doubt previously, we now know we cannot trust those who rule on our behalf. The propaganda, the misinformation and the downright lies of this campaign prove that.

So please, yes, roll on Thursday so we can be done with this nasty campaign. I for one am exhausted by it.


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