Friday, 29 July 2016

Weekly Wondering ~ The Blind Men and the Golden Pig

My energy has been flagging this year in relation to this blog and life in general (though I did review a brilliant book this week). In an attempt to direct some energy into writing, I thought I'd try a new series, something a little different and a little more personal. Perhaps my weekly wondering willl be unfathomable ranty posts, but given the drawers full of teenage diaries hidden somewhere at my parents house, the urge to write down my thoughts has long been present. 
From The Telegraph

I suspect I'm not the only one fighting against the current, desperately trying not to be dragged down by the constant barrage of news stories. Needless death, destruction, and division seem part of the every day, but perhaps more startling is the apparent lack of awareness of many today, the blind faith with which individuals believe and follow despite the evidence which says they shouldn't.

I've not written that much about Great Britain's decision to leave the EU though it is something that saddened me greatly. In some cases there were people who believed everything they were fed by the media, a force which seems to increasingly appeal to the basest of human desires through its sensationalist 24 hour cycle.

However, events in Britain pale in comparison with all that has occurred since June 23rd. While the proliferation of terrorist attacks serve their function in inducing fear and in ruining the lives of ordinary people, perhaps my biggest fear at the moment is the man who built a golden tower upon which he emblazoned his name.

I can hardly even bear to name him now, so complete has been the transformation from the butt of all jokes to the Republicam nominee running for President of the United States. Perhaps my fear is misplaced. He is merely an idiotic, ill-informed bigot who resembles a clown. Perhaps my fear should really be with those who support this bigot. Because they are clearly the ones who lack reason, education, and respect for their fellow Americans (and arguably the world at large).

How else could they possibly support a man who has committed political suicide many times over in the run up to his nomination? He has said things and done things which would have spelled the end to any legitimate candidate's career, the latest of which was his appalling plea to Russia to get involved in the US election, which was pretty much treason as far as I'm concerned. Oh sure, his advisors told him to claim it was sarcasm, though I'm fairly certain you require more than one brain cell to understand what sarcasm is. If there are Americans, if there are Republicans who think this is the man to lead one of the world's strongest countries, we're all royally fucked.

There, didn't I warn you it might get ranty?

In all seriousness, faith in humanity may seem hard to find at the moment though it's all the more important that we pull together, give to charity, support our friends and loved ones who might be struggling to come to terms with this existence. Let's face it, with the current state of global madness, we could all do with a few more kind words from friends.


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