Friday, 12 August 2016

Weekly Wonderings: You Are Not Your Job

You study a subject you love at university, you spend hours reading and writing during that time and harbour not-so-secret fantasies about becoming a working writer. But then the reality of rent, bills, and a social life kick in and you realise that maybe you do like the security of the office job you have, the stability of paid holidays and a permanent position. And at least working for a charity means you're having a positive impact.

It can sometimes be hard not to think you've given in to a way of life you didn't necessarily plan for. But then you remind yourself that you're only twenty-seven and still figuring it out. And you look around at your friends, most of whom are working in fields they didn't imagine they'd end up in, and you realise you don't see them as their jobs, so maybe people don't see you as your job.

I suppose things are different for this generation. In the past, a career was for life but that's simply not the case any more. With life expectancy having increased, we are more free to try work in a different field even a bit later in life. And in the meantime, I can (and do) continue writing both for clients and creatively, I am producing my first fringe show this October, and have taken part in two poetry courses this year.

I suppose I see myself as a creative person and my day-to-day work is not always as creative as I'd like, but why spend time worrying about that, when I could be doing. I'd rather be defined by my actions than my job.


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