Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Look at all my spinning plates!

It's been a little quiet on these pages of late. Nothing to do with you, I can assure you. No, it's because I am a crazy person who seems to have somehow taken on three jobs at once... AND started a new fitness regime (Freeletics anyone?).

I've been resolutely reading, and at some point the other side of October, I may try to catch you up on some of the great books I've discovered. For now though, it is all about the busiest time at my office, a big pile of freelance work and of course THE SHOW.

This is really what's been taking up my time. Between weeks at the office, and weekends recruiting for, marketing, and organising a theatre production, I have barely had time to draw breath. And when I have, I've pretty much collapsed on the sofa with Gilmore Girls (how am I only just discovering this show?).

And as opening night draws ever closer, our flat is filled with all manner of set pieces and our focus is wholly and resolutely on bringing our first production to the London stage...

This is big, do or die, make your dreams reality stuff. And none of it would even be possible without the fabulous friends who donated to our crowdfunding campaign last year, so thank you again lovely ones. I hope to see some of you on opening night.

Here's the sales bit! A lot of intense work has gone and is going into this production, and it's a great play (shout out to Jason Lindner, our endlessly supportive and sickeningly talented playwright).

Alexander Gog is our character, our noble sage, our vile comedian, and our bright and brilliant entertainer on an evening certain to make you gasp, sigh, swoon and laugh. Commenting on everything from the state of the nation to the nature of contemporary theatre, it is a play which carries big ideas while being funny, obscene and profound (what a combination, I hear you exclaim!).

So if you fancy being witness to a rare and unique theatrical experience, this is for you. You can buy tickets here. And remember to tell your friends.

After all, we only put ourselves through all this so you can see this great piece of writing.


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