Saturday, 11 February 2017

Weekly Wonderings ~ How To Survive 2017

You may have noticed things have been a little quiet around here so far this year. Unlike previous years when I've begun with lots of blogging energy, I've found myself too busy/tired/unmotivated to post much. You know what though? I think that's ok. There is a lot to deal with, what with DT's tweets and Brexit negotiations. And that's not even considering the day to day personal stuff we're all putting up with.

I do though, feel a bit more capable now January is over and I thought I'd share some of my tips for surviving in 2017.

1. Know when to say no.
I am terrible at saying yes to every invitation to review a book or show/take on a freelance project that comes my way. While that stems from a good place, it has meant that I've ended up feeling exhausted on weekends without any time to relax properly because I have freelancing to do. This is NOT smart. But I am learning. That blissful weekend free of obligations is something to strive for.

2. See friends
I have a few close friends who live in and around London and I have managed to catch up with several since Christmas. Outings to the theatre and to a comedy night have proven a welcome distraction from the news and allowed some valuable time outside of my own head (where it's easy to ruminate on all that's happening, and often not terribly productive).

3. Switch off
You want to be an informed and educated individual, right? You want to respond to and share the injustices (and the good news stories) which are taking place in the world. The thing is, particularly in this social media age, you're not going to miss anything. And taking an afternoon/evening, or heaven forbid, a whole day away from the news is not going to make you any less engaged. It's sanity saving and self preserving. Take a break.

4. Read a book
I had been feeling a bit disengaged from reading at the end of last year, or at least, somewhat uninspired. It seems a lot of the advanced copies I get are perfectly fine, but nothing that special or inspiring. Fortunately, I have read a number of great books so far this year and am reminded that curling up with my Kindle is often infinitely preferable to Netflix/Amazon, and very relaxing. Let's be honest, we could all do with some more relaxation right now.

5. Get a puppy!
Clearly not feasible (or desirable) for everyone, but my goodness I never realised quite what a joy a new puppy could be. I don't even mind clearing up his mess or constantly discouraging him from eating my clothes when I'm greeted by our leaping, excitable fluffball every day when I come home from work. It's been years since I've had a pet (the last being our beloved cats), but I am instantly reminded of their mood boosting power. Huxley is already a part of the family.


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