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My name is Kate Wilson. I live in London and am an avid reader and supporter of literature. I began this blog in late 2011, having completed my Masters Degree in English Studies at the University of Exeter. I was eager to keep honing my writing skills, and I've really enjoyed becoming a regular blogger. 

Having started my career at Literature Worksthe South West Literature Development Agency, I am now continuing on a path in the charitable sector.

I work with Random Acts Theatre Company both in a publicity role, and more recently as a sporadic fundraiser. They produce arresting, high-quality theatre, and if you are someone who likes to be challenged, I urge you to keep appraised of their upcoming productions.

I don't like boxes, and as such this blog doesn't fit easily into a category. Mostly, you'll find a lot of reviews of books and films that have sparked my interest, as well as my own perspectives on events, and thoughts on what is going on in my world. Since moving to the capital I have started my London Culture Diary series, with reviews on the latest shows and events the city has to offer.

If you'd like me to consider reviewing a book, please get in touch. I prefer adult fiction and poetry. I rarely review self-published books but if you think I might enjoy your work, it's always worth asking. Please note: I only review books I enjoy.

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Please note, I have an Amazon Associates Account and where I offer links to buy books, if you click through and order I will make a negligible amount of money. I think the total is only about £1.30 to date!

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